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Your #1 choice for pet services south of Dallas

Dog D.A.S.E is the ONE STOP SOLUTION for your dog! We offer a full range of services to provide the utmost in quality, care, and convenience for you and your pet!

Exercise time, play time, feeding time, care time, cleanup time, till your home time! Let our family take care of your family, cause what’s more important than family!

We pride ourselves on building a trusting relationship with our clients. The owner of this company is just a phone call away if you have any questions or additional requests about anything you need

We’re Local!

Ellis county, texas

Dog D.A.S.E. services Ellis County, Texas. We have recently added both Rice and Corsicana to our service map. Do you fall outside of the county? No worries! Send us a message and we might be able to help you!

Our Pet Services


  • We love walking dogs!

    Regular walks are important for a dog’s physical, mental, and emotional health. It can be hard to find the time to give your fur baby the exercise he/she needs. That’s where we come in! Every walk is tailored to your dogs’ specific needs, energy level, and personality to ensure the best experience possible.

    The perfect solution for working dog parents. Contact the office to schedule a FREE consultation.


  • Enjoy your trips

    For all you dog parents that travel, we take out the stress of finding boarding, kennels, and daycares. By
    eliminating exposure to pet illnesses, relax knowing that your fur baby is being cared for by a professional, dedicated employee in the comfort of your own home.

    Stop asking the question, “what are we going to do about the dogs” and call our office to schedule your FREE consultation.


  • Busy Doggie life

    We understand that life can get busy for you and your dog. By offering one way or round trip shuttle services, your dog(s) can now keep their daycare, grooming, veterinarian, and boarding appointments.

    Dog DASE is safe and reliable. All dogs are welcome and we accommodate special requests to make your fur babies are at ease. Give us a call to get your dog picked up for their appointment today.


  • no more smelly yard

    Do you have dead spots and yellow stains? Pet waste is toxic to your lawn and causes it to burn or discolor. When trying to sell a home or install new landscaping, this can cause a problem.

    Our 100% all natural yard deodorizer and eliminator spray eliminates urine and stool odors that are present in the lawn throughout the yard. Adding this to your dog waste service is quick and easy. Contact our office for more details!


  • Step outside and breath easy!

    The average caretaker changes 4-6 diapers a day, nearly 2000 diapers a year. Most dogs don’t receive the same hygiene treatment, but dog waste is a growing problem around the country. Even though dogs take their business outside, it still needs to be cleaned to protect the lawn, your family, and the environment.

    Weekly, monthly, or just on occasion, we make the process quick and easy. Contact us today and let us do the heavy doodie work.


  • Step outside and breath easy!

    When it comes to unconditional love, there is nothing like the bond between you and your pets. It’s already a busy day for the bride and groom, so we care for your dog , while you celebrate with your guests. A perfect story!

    Our wedding attendants start as professional pet care providers with pet CPR/First-Aid. We provide dog handling and assistance throughout your event, including on-leash exercising and hydrating. Need something more customized? No problem, we can create a package that can included: multiple events, pet sitting, overnights, and chauffeuring.

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Let’s get to know each other!

Let’s get to know each other! We are more than just another average company you find on Google Search. We are family and want you to feel like part of the Dog D.A.S.E. family. Our love of dogs is at the heart of everything we do and will treat your pet like our own. Rest assured we got everything taken care of!

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“Valerie loves dogs so much! She rescued 2 German Shepherds. Those dogs can be hard to place in homes because of their size. She not only rescued them, but she loves them more than anyone knows. She is great with all breeds!”

— Cathy Kissling