A little bit about us

We provide pet owners old fashioned, top quality, professional service at an affordable price!


Dog D.A.S.E. will be the ultimate professional service to give an unforgettable experience to our pet families. We are working toward a world where people and their pets live together in harmony and every dog can find their forever home!


  • Better pets’ lives:  We are passionate about the health and happiness of pets.
  • Keep learning and growing:  We challenge ourselves to remain open minded and continue on-going training to give you the very best to your pets.
  • Make everyday fun: We show our enthusiasm by energizing, entertaining and laughing often. We love what we do!
  • Trust Matters: We act with absolute honesty, integrity, fairness, and mutual respect.
  • Do what’s right: We foster an environment of collaboration, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Give back: We care about our community and deeply committed to supporting non-profit animal related charities.

A letter from the owner…

As a native Chicagoan, my husband and I moved to The Great Lone State in 2010. I quickly acclimated to the Texas sun, yet felt like something was missing in my new family. In 2014, an eight-week little West Highland Terrier named Eva came to our home and I fell completely in love. Fast forward 5 years, and my family grew to include: another West Highland Terrier, a German Shepard, and a mixed Belgian Malinois.

All four of my fur babies taught me many life lessons.

  • Live in the moment
  • Overcome fear with love
  • Don’t hold grudges
  • Play every day
  • Jump for joy when you’re happy
  • Accept yourself.

I absolutely fell in love with everything that encompasses being a pet caretaker. Not only is this my passion, but I knew that I wanted to find a way to spend time with dogs all the time.

Upon reflection, I decided to take the risk and start a business where I can live the life, they have taught me.

Since my fur babies are my inspiration and motivation, I wanted them to be the center and focus of my business. Our company name Dog D.A.S.E., holds great meaning. Living in Texas, we must deal with humidity and heat. The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “dies caniculares” or “dog days” D.A.S.E. stands for my 4 dogs: Delta, Astrid, Shayla, and Eva.

I treat all dogs like they are my own. Being the owner of Dog D.A.S.E. is an ongoing blessing and look forward to each and every day!

Family Friendly…Dog Approved.


Name: Delta
Breed: Silver Sable Shepherd
Nickname: Door Stop
Favorite Snack: Yes!
Favorite Place: the car! I live for rides!
Favorite Activity: walks! lots and lots of walks.
Favorite Toy: sitting on my sister’s toys so they can’t find them.
Things I have destroyed: sound bar remote, window blinds, and flower pots.
Things I have stolen: 4 pound roast from the counter, don’t leave your drinks unattended; I love rum and coke.
Three words that describe me: beautiful, gentle, intelligent.


Name: Astrid
Breed: Malinois Mix
Nickname: Wiggly
Favorite Snack: Ice Cubes and Peanut Butter
Favorite Place: Dad’s side of the bed
Favorite Activity: Chasing my tail, Running outside, Whipping blankets around
Favorite Toy: Bones and yarn
Things I have destroyed: A door, baseboards, windowsill, blankets, and anything made out of cardboard
Things I have stolen: Sandwiches, pizza, and unattended plates
Three words that describe me: Spirited, Affectionate, Chatty


Name: Shayla
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Nickname: Paper Beaver (Venture Brothers)
Favorite Snack: Watermelon
Favorite Place: in the middle of all the action
Favorite Activity: bunny hunting, chasing my sisters, tug o war, and giving kisses
Favorite Toy: The sprinkler
Things I have destroyed: the Living room couch
Things I have stolen: Jumped on the table to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken
Three words that describe me: Talkative, westitude, loving


Name: Eva
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Nickname:  I might answer to my name
Favorite Snack: Green peppers
Favorite Place: Under the bed or in my tents
Favorite Activity: Garden snake hunting, guarding the yard, and sleeping in
Favorite Toy: Squeaky toys, and my tennis ball
Things I have destroyed: A broom, baseboards, and the stairs
Things I have stolen: Quesadilla, and I like to hide all my special treats to eat for later
Three words that describe me: Stubborn, cuddly, loud

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