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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dog D.A.S.E. FAQ’s

How do I reserve my date?2020-05-08T22:28:41-05:00

Reach us by text, contact form, or phone. We will schedule a time to meet to discuss your event. Your event will be locked in after you sign the contract and pay the deposit.

Is there a deposit required for the event?2020-05-08T22:23:49-05:00

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve your date and schedule your meet and greet.

What does the attendant wear?2020-05-08T22:34:59-05:00

Depending on the event we typically wear slacks and dress shirt. We can color coordinate to your specifications if requested.

My dog is crazy – there is no way my dog can be in the wedding…right?2020-05-08T22:22:38-05:00

We customize our services to perfectly fit the needs of you and your pet. You will have a free consultation where we take time to get to know each other and your dog.

Does my dog need special training to be in my wedding?2020-05-08T22:22:15-05:00

Not at all! If your dog knows ‘sit’ and how to walk on a lease, they are wedding-ready.

My event needs aren’t listed in any of the packages?2020-05-08T22:21:45-05:00

We can customize our packages to tailor to your needs. Send us a call or contact us to discuss.

I am not getting married; can I still use a wedding attendant?2020-05-08T22:20:36-05:00

Sure, can! We can help with proposals, photos, rehearsals, weddings, vow renewals, and receptions.

What is included in the wedding attendant service?2020-05-08T22:19:57-05:00

We provide dog handling, on-leash exercising, hydrating, and pottying. Events can be customized to include chauffeuring, overnights, and pet sitting. We want you to have a memorable experience.

What is considered an average lot size?2020-05-08T22:11:16-05:00

The average-sized lot size for a new single-family home is about ¼ an acre (0.25). If your home yard is larger than average, an additional fee may be applied after a discussion with you.

What do you do with the dog waste after you scoop it?2020-05-08T22:10:05-05:00

It will no longer be on your property. We haul the waste away. We do offer a $1.50 discount per service to dispose in your outdoor trash can.

Should I unlock my gate?2020-05-08T22:09:33-05:00

Yes, please have your gate unlocked on scheduled service days. If you are leery about keeping the gate unlocked, you can supply a key or combination. A $5 fee will be charged if a technician arrives on your service day and cannot enter due to a locked gate.

Can my dog be in the yard while you’re scooping?2020-05-08T22:09:04-05:00

In most cases, yes! We love dogs and get along with them. To ensure the safety of all parties involved we request that if your dog is not good with strangers or an escape artist, please restrain or confine your fur baby on service days.

Is there an initial service fee?2020-05-08T22:08:00-05:00

There may be an initial fee if there is more than 2 weeks accumulation of waste. This will be discussed with you before service is started.

How will I know its you in my yard?2020-05-08T22:18:15-05:00

Our technicians wear Dog D.A.S.E. shirts when servicing. There will be a sign in the front yard during serving, and you’ll receive a text once completed.

Do you offer flexible scheduling?2020-05-08T22:07:10-05:00

Yes! Our services are built around your schedule. Contact the office to learn about our different options.

Can I have you come out for one visit only?2020-05-08T22:06:51-05:00

Yes! Are you getting ready to have a party, sell your home, or just need a good cleanup? We offer a one-time service that includes a disinfectant spray. Contact the office for pricing.

How often should I schedule service?2020-05-08T22:05:52-05:00

There are 7.2 million dogs in the state of Texas. Since dog waste isn’t fertilizer raw sewage is sitting in our backyards. It is recommended that it be picked up 1-2 times per week. Additionally, experts recommend cleanings to minimize the danger from pathogens harmful to humans.

Do you clean your tools?2020-05-08T22:05:18-05:00

Absolutely! We use professional-grade cleaners before and after each use on our tools and shoes.

How does your service work?2020-05-08T22:04:23-05:00

We visit your home on a scheduled day. We scoop the yard, bag the waste, and haul it off. If we use your outdoor trash cans you will receive a small discount. We will notify you if we see anything abnormal in your dogs’ stool that may be cause for concern.

Why should I use Dog D.A.S.E. as my dog waste cleanup service?2020-05-08T22:03:55-05:00

Dog waste is not fertilizer. There are harmful organisms embedded in the waste that can persist for weeks and can be transferred to children and adults. We clean up the mess and keep the yard clean and beautiful all year long.

Does your disinfectant use man-made chemicals?2020-05-08T21:50:47-05:00

It is a solution of amino acids, vitamins, and trace minerals derived from blue-green algae. It stimulates a natural process to eliminate all types of bacterial odors without a cover-up fragrance.

Is your disinfectant safe for the lawn?2020-05-08T21:49:49-05:00

Yes! We use a 100% natural product that is odorless and non-staining that quickly gets rid of odors by balancing the microbial activity.

Will I know how my fur baby did on his/her ride?2020-05-08T21:37:36-05:00

After the ride ends, you will receive GPS tracking, notes, photos, and a detailed report card from your driver. You can also send a text and your driver will let you know how everything is going.

I have a conflicting work schedule; do I have to be home for the service?2020-05-08T21:37:20-05:00

We understand that life can get complicated and we are here to make your life easier. You do not have to be home at the time of service. During your meet-n-greet, you can give your driver a key to the house. When service is completed your key will be left in a designated spot during your initial discussion.

How does the shuttle service work?2020-06-01T20:22:25-05:00

We will schedule a time for a complimentary 30-minute meet-n-greet allowing you to get to meet your driver and introduce them to your pet. When you are ready to schedule a service, you can call our office to schedule and complete payment.

Can I customize my shuttle?2020-05-08T21:36:29-05:00

Yes, you can! You can add additional pets, miles, and hours, or arrange transportation before or after business hours.

My appointment is less than an hour, will you stay with my fur baby?2020-05-08T21:36:09-05:00

Of course, appointments that last less than an hour we will wait and return home with them.

What is included with each shuttle ride?2020-05-08T21:35:37-05:00

Each service includes pick up and drop off, a private air-conditioned ride, a potty break, and a special treat.

Will I know how my fur baby did on his/her walk?2020-05-07T23:38:36-05:00

After the walk, you will receive GPS tracking, notes, photos, and a detailed report card. You can also send a text to your walker and they will let you know how everything is going.

What is the process for scheduling a visit?2020-05-07T23:36:50-05:00

A FREE initial consultation is required before initiating service. We will discuss policies, pet needs, and collect a set of keys. These visits typically last 20-30 and can be set up through the office. We provide your fur baby with lots of TLC during our visit as well.

Do you take the summer heat into consideration when walking?2020-06-01T19:38:49-05:00

Yes! We tailor the walks to early in AM and later in the PM to avoid the hottest part of the day. If the temperature is above 90 degrees, we will recommend shorter walks since dogs cool themselves by panting and can suffer burns on their pads. If the temperature is above 100 degrees, walks will be rescheduled to a different time or day.

How much time is actual walk time?2020-05-07T23:34:53-05:00

We walk 95% of the visit and the remaining time is spent watering and giving your baby some TLC

How long is pet walking service?2020-05-07T23:33:48-05:00

We have 5 different walking packages that are designed to develop a walking routine suitable for the age of your fur baby.

What is included in the pet walking service?2020-05-07T23:34:19-05:00

We are there to keep your fur baby company while you are away for the day. This CAN include feeding, playtime, walking, potty breaks, and lots of TLC.

I don’t have any dogs, can I get my house checked?2020-06-01T19:47:30-05:00

Absolutely! We offer a 10-20 minute house check. We will check the perimeter of your home inside and out, set out/return trash bins, alternate lights, bring in the mail and packages, and water your indoor/outdoor plants!

I’m running late and my dogs have been locked up too long!2020-06-01T20:12:20-05:00

No worries, we got you covered! For $15 we can make a 10 minute late-night visit to rescue your fur baby.

How will I know how the visit is going?2020-05-07T14:26:35-05:00

Once your service begins, you will receive notes, photos, and a detailed report card. You can also send a text to your sitter and they will let you know how everything is going.

What is the process for scheduling a visit?2020-06-01T20:14:59-05:00

We will schedule a time for a complimentary 30-minute meet-n-greet allowing you to get to meet your sitter and introduce them to your pet. When you are ready to schedule a service, give us a call. We will get your family on the schedule and complete payment.

How long is the sitting service?2020-05-07T14:25:31-05:00

Whether you are away on vacation or caught at the office, we have designed 5 different sitting packages that include an overnight package.

Will you be able to take my dog for a walk while you are sitting?2020-05-07T14:25:02-05:00

Yes, we can add a 10-minute walk for $6 per walk.

What is included in the sitting service?2020-06-01T20:16:23-05:00

Every visit includes TLC, potty break, water refresh, cleaning up the pet area, and administering any medication.

Are you insured?2020-05-18T17:39:14-05:00

Yes, we are fully insured.

Can I trust Dog D.A.S.E. employees to care for my fur babies?2020-05-18T17:39:09-05:00

Yes, you can! Each employee goes through an extensive interview process with background checks. Our employees are required to be CPR/First Aid certified and complete yearly training hours.

What if my dog has an emergency?2020-05-18T17:39:01-05:00

If your fur baby appears to be ill, injured, or at significant risk of experiencing a medical problem at the start of service or while in our care, you give us permission to seek veterinary service during your FREE consultation. If we are too far away from your veterinarian, other emergency care clinics may be chosen.

What areas do you service?2020-05-18T17:38:53-05:00

As of 2020, we are servicing Ellis County. If your town falls outside Ellis County, give us a call or use our contact form to inquire about service in your area. We currently serve Rice and Corsicana which fall outside of Ellis County.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-05-18T17:38:48-05:00

Clients will be charged $10 if arrive for a scheduled service and the service is no longer needed for whatever reason. We need a 24-hour notice on scheduled changes and cancellation to avoid a cancellation fee. A membership cancellation needs a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice and you will be required to fill out the membership cancellation form.

Do you operate during the weekends and holidays?2020-05-18T17:38:42-05:00

We do have some availability on the weekends. We are closed for all major holidays. We always remind you ahead of time when a holiday is approaching if you are normally scheduled that day. We also realize you may have an increased need for service prior to holiday’s and we always work our hardest to accommodate.

Do you operate in winter and rainy weather?2020-05-18T17:38:36-05:00

Yes and Yes! Your fur babies need us in all types of weather. However, heavy rain or lightning will force us to postpone our visit until the next day or later that week.

If there are no contracts, do you offer membership options?2020-05-07T11:46:34-05:00

Yes, because who doesn’t like to save 10%, We not only have 3, 6, 9, 12-month membership options, but we also offer a la carte memberships. That means you can customize/mix match your services to best meet your needs! When you sign up for a membership, you will receive a FREE gift for your fur baby and a coupon code for a FREE service to be used at any time during your membership.

If I go on vacation, can I temporarily suspend my services?2020-05-18T17:38:28-05:00

Yes, just give us at least 24-hour notice and we’ll skip the visit. If you will be out of town during a holiday week, please be sure to notify us at least one week in advance.

Do I need to sign a contract?2020-05-18T17:37:51-05:00

No! By not having a locked contract, this gives you more flexibility in your service needs. All you have to do is sign a statement that, gives us permission to come onto your property on service days, outlines the rate structure and billing terms, and cancellation policy.

Do you offer gift certificates?2020-05-18T17:37:40-05:00

Absolutely! Is there a better gift to offer a dog lover? Contact the office for more details.

Is your work guaranteed?2020-05-18T17:37:01-05:00

Yes! If you are unhappy with anything, just notice the office. You either won’t be billed for service or the next service is FREE.

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