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Dog Waste Removal

We help to create a cleaner and healthier
environment for everyone, based on your needs.

Dog D.A.S.E. Dog Waste Removal

Dog waste is unsightly, no one likes to look at it or smell it. But most importantly, dog waste poses many serious health and environmental risks. It is very easy for pet parents to fall behind in cleaning up after their fur babies.

At Dog D.A.S.E. we take of the icky job so you can cross that off your to-do list. We help to create a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone, based on your needs.

We offer weekly, monthly, one time services, and no contract membership options. We even offer a one-time cleanup, perfect for parties, house showings, and more.

What are you waiting for? Let us handle this task you can get back to your priorities. Give us as call or schedule your service online.

Why scoop?

Keep pets/kids safe from harmful bacteria

Fresh or not, one small step could hold a variety of diseases including hookworms, ringworms, and tapeworms. In humans, these infections can cause fever, muscle aches, headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Children are most susceptible.

Environmental concerns

Animal waste is among the top contributors of bacterial pollution in urban watersheds. Bacteria in dog waste can live in the soil for long periods of time. This can cause problems like Giardia, Salmonella, E. Coli.

Protect the lawn

Pet waste is not fertilizer. Dog waste is toxic to your lawn and causes unsightly discoloring.

It’s the law

The poop police is looking at every home, but many urban and suburban areas have enacted laws that require pet owners to clean up after their pets.

Common courtesy

A poop covered shoe can ruin a perfectly good day.


Overrun yards limit the ability of others to enjoy the area. Dirty lawns attract unpleasant odors, flies, and other pests.

Dog Waste Removal

What is considered an average lot size?2020-05-08T22:11:16-05:00

The average-sized lot size for a new single-family home is about ¼ an acre (0.25). If your home yard is larger than average, an additional fee may be applied after a discussion with you.

What do you do with the dog waste after you scoop it?2020-05-08T22:10:05-05:00

It will no longer be on your property. We haul the waste away. We do offer a $1.50 discount per service to dispose in your outdoor trash can.

Should I unlock my gate?2020-05-08T22:09:33-05:00

Yes, please have your gate unlocked on scheduled service days. If you are leery about keeping the gate unlocked, you can supply a key or combination. A $5 fee will be charged if a technician arrives on your service day and cannot enter due to a locked gate.

Can my dog be in the yard while you’re scooping?2020-05-08T22:09:04-05:00

In most cases, yes! We love dogs and get along with them. To ensure the safety of all parties involved we request that if your dog is not good with strangers or an escape artist, please restrain or confine your fur baby on service days.

Is there an initial service fee?2020-05-08T22:08:00-05:00

There may be an initial fee if there is more than 2 weeks accumulation of waste. This will be discussed with you before service is started.

How will I know its you in my yard?2020-05-08T22:18:15-05:00

Our technicians wear Dog D.A.S.E. shirts when servicing. There will be a sign in the front yard during serving, and you’ll receive a text once completed.

Do you offer flexible scheduling?2020-05-08T22:07:10-05:00

Yes! Our services are built around your schedule. Contact the office to learn about our different options.

Can I have you come out for one visit only?2020-05-08T22:06:51-05:00

Yes! Are you getting ready to have a party, sell your home, or just need a good cleanup? We offer a one-time service that includes a disinfectant spray. Contact the office for pricing.

How often should I schedule service?2020-05-08T22:05:52-05:00

There are 7.2 million dogs in the state of Texas. Since dog waste isn’t fertilizer raw sewage is sitting in our backyards. It is recommended that it be picked up 1-2 times per week. Additionally, experts recommend cleanings to minimize the danger from pathogens harmful to humans.

Do you clean your tools?2020-05-08T22:05:18-05:00

Absolutely! We use professional-grade cleaners before and after each use on our tools and shoes.

How does your service work?2020-05-08T22:04:23-05:00

We visit your home on a scheduled day. We scoop the yard, bag the waste, and haul it off. If we use your outdoor trash cans you will receive a small discount. We will notify you if we see anything abnormal in your dogs’ stool that may be cause for concern.

Why should I use Dog D.A.S.E. as my dog waste cleanup service?2020-05-08T22:03:55-05:00

Dog waste is not fertilizer. There are harmful organisms embedded in the waste that can persist for weeks and can be transferred to children and adults. We clean up the mess and keep the yard clean and beautiful all year long.

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