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Pet Shuttle Service

We provide shuttle services for daycare, boarding,
grooming and veterinarian appointments.

Dog D.A.S.E. Pet Shuttle Service

  • Are you running late for work and you won’t be able to drop off your pet at doggie day care?

  • Did your meeting run late and you can’t leave work to make it in time for your dogs veterinary appointment?

  • Did your groomer move your dogs appointment and can’t make it?

Dog D.A.S.E. offers reliable, dependable, and prompt shuttle services for your fur baby when you cant take them yourself. We understand that pet parents can’t always adjust their schedule or be available for all their pet’s needs.

We provide shuttle services for daycare, boarding, grooming and veterinarian appointments. Our service includes a private air-conditioned ride with a potty break and treat. This is perfect if your baby needs that extra individual attention. We also provide GPS tracking so you know where we are at all times.

Dog Shuttle Service FAQ

Will I know how my fur baby did on his/her ride?2020-05-08T21:37:36-05:00

After the ride ends, you will receive GPS tracking, notes, photos, and a detailed report card from your driver. You can also send a text and your driver will let you know how everything is going.

I have a conflicting work schedule; do I have to be home for the service?2020-05-08T21:37:20-05:00

We understand that life can get complicated and we are here to make your life easier. You do not have to be home at the time of service. During your meet-n-greet, you can give your driver a key to the house. When service is completed your key will be left in a designated spot during your initial discussion.

How does the shuttle service work?2020-06-01T20:22:25-05:00

We will schedule a time for a complimentary 30-minute meet-n-greet allowing you to get to meet your driver and introduce them to your pet. When you are ready to schedule a service, you can call our office to schedule and complete payment.

Can I customize my shuttle?2020-05-08T21:36:29-05:00

Yes, you can! You can add additional pets, miles, and hours, or arrange transportation before or after business hours.

My appointment is less than an hour, will you stay with my fur baby?2020-05-08T21:36:09-05:00

Of course, appointments that last less than an hour we will wait and return home with them.

What is included with each shuttle ride?2020-05-08T21:35:37-05:00

Each service includes pick up and drop off, a private air-conditioned ride, a potty break, and a special treat.

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