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Pet Walking Service

No worries – we’ve got you covered.  Once your service begins,
you will receive notes, photos, and a detailed report card.

Dog D.A.S.E. Dog Walking Service

Dog D.A.S.E. provides a mid-day break for our fur babies to get a little activity and socialization while their pet parents are not at home.

Walking provides different mental stimulation than running around in the backyard. Dogs can investigate smells, sights, and sounds while on a walk. Mental energy is then released as they process the information about how their territory has changed since their last walk.

Our services are a great choice for dogs or puppies who:

  • Are alone all day
  • Have excess energy to burn
  • Requires extra potty breaks
  • Needs to lose a few extra pounds
  • Have special needs or medical conditions
  • Have behavioral issues related to boredom
  • Need a break from their kennel

Whether we come to your house to play catch in the backyard or to take a walk together, we happily work with you to customize a routine based on your fur babies needs.

Dog Walking FAQ

Will I know how my fur baby did on his/her walk?2020-05-07T23:38:36-05:00

After the walk, you will receive GPS tracking, notes, photos, and a detailed report card. You can also send a text to your walker and they will let you know how everything is going.

What is the process for scheduling a visit?2020-05-07T23:36:50-05:00

A FREE initial consultation is required before initiating service. We will discuss policies, pet needs, and collect a set of keys. These visits typically last 20-30 and can be set up through the office. We provide your fur baby with lots of TLC during our visit as well.

Do you take the summer heat into consideration when walking?2020-06-01T19:38:49-05:00

Yes! We tailor the walks to early in AM and later in the PM to avoid the hottest part of the day. If the temperature is above 90 degrees, we will recommend shorter walks since dogs cool themselves by panting and can suffer burns on their pads. If the temperature is above 100 degrees, walks will be rescheduled to a different time or day.

How much time is actual walk time?2020-05-07T23:34:53-05:00

We walk 95% of the visit and the remaining time is spent watering and giving your baby some TLC

How long is pet walking service?2020-05-07T23:33:48-05:00

We have 5 different walking packages that are designed to develop a walking routine suitable for the age of your fur baby.

What is included in the pet walking service?2020-05-07T23:34:19-05:00

We are there to keep your fur baby company while you are away for the day. This CAN include feeding, playtime, walking, potty breaks, and lots of TLC.

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