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Yard Odor Disinfectant

Sanitizing odor eliminator treatment 100% natural product
which is odorless and non-staining

Dog D.A.S.E. Odor Disinfectant Service

Sanitizing Odor Eliminator treatment

100% Natural Product – odorless and non-staining

Non-toxic formula (safe for pets, plants, and grass)
Powerful sanitizer (breaks down and eliminates the odor causing bacteria)
Multiple surfaces (grass, rocks, turf, patios, and more)

Applications are based on per gallon. Severely soiled areas may require more than one application.

Yard Odor Disinfectant FAQ

Does your disinfectant use man-made chemicals?2020-05-08T21:50:47-05:00

It is a solution of amino acids, vitamins, and trace minerals derived from blue-green algae. It stimulates a natural process to eliminate all types of bacterial odors without a cover-up fragrance.

Is your disinfectant safe for the lawn?2020-05-08T21:49:49-05:00

Yes! We use a 100% natural product that is odorless and non-staining that quickly gets rid of odors by balancing the microbial activity.

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